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Aileen MacKeogh (1952-2005)

was one of a new generation of Irish women artists that began to emerge in the 1980s. Like many of them, she began to deal with emotional issues such as our relationship with the environment and grief, themes that had been left aside in the art world of Ireland at the time.

"Art and nature are

the most beautiful 


1987 Exhibition


The death of Luke, her son, in 1987 was a pivotal event in Aileen’s life and work. His death was like a switchman, sending her artistic concerns down a very different track from the landscapes she had sculpted up to then.

1979 Exhibition


‘I think the work at this stage developed into a celebration of the natural world, of the forest, through intervention, isolating aspects, making works that sought to create a mood about them. 

1993 Exhibition


‘From the very beginning of our lives the only certainty is that we will die. Yet there is an unnatural fear of death. We are uncomfortable looking death in the eye.

1985 Exhibition


‘I became more interested in the politics of nature and the environment than in the aesthetics of landscape.'

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